Our Current Priorities 2018/19


The items outlined below are the key areas for development/improvement taken from our School Improvement Plan 2018/19.

Learning and Teaching
  • Continue to focus on the quality of Learning and Teaching across the school.

  • Using feedback from staff and pupils we will work together to continue to improve the classroom experience.

  • Using current findings we will develop CPD to meet the needs of staff with a clear focus on the classroom experience.

  • Introduce a shared vision of a good lesson based on feedback.

  • Develop an understanding of the link between the 3 key areas - Relationships, Behaviour and Learning and Teaching.

Raising Attainment/ Achievement
  • We will focus on Literacy and Numeracy and ensure that pupils are confident and make appropriate progress.

  • We will continue to monitor data to ensure good progress is being made.

  • Departments will focus on producing quality assessment in the BGE.

  • Departments will work on sharing standards to ensure progress is carefully managed and monitored.

  • Monitoring of various aspects of attendance and behaviour will be improved as will communication with home about concerns.

  • We will build on the good work developed between the Science Department and the Primary school in the ASG.

  • Continue to work hard on improving the Pastoral Transition to ensure young people feel supported and settle well.

  • Make good use of FASE time and profiling to monitor pupils progress at all transition points.

  • We aim to have a consistent approach to continual self-evaluation and improvement across all areas of the school.  

  • To ensure this is possible we will ensure that staff are well-supported and have the opportunity for discussion and development with Heads of Department or SMT link..

  • We aim to improve the involvement of parents in the school and seek their opinions on a more regular basis.  We aim to give feedback to parents.

  • We must ensure that issues that arise or are highlighted as part of our self-evaluation are dealt with, that the process has an impact and leads to improvement.