Senior Timetable 2014-15


  • The master timetable tells you when each period for each column is taking place.

  • When you do not have a timetabled class, you must go to the study hall.


Wednesday period 4 – all S5 go to PE

Wednesday period 4 – all S6 go to Senior Personal Support - meet in the Theatre this Wednesday 4th June

Advanced Highers
These are not timetabled in the columns above.  Click here to see the AH timetable.  Some AH classes may “clash” with other classes.  Where this happens you must speak to the Heads of Departments involved.   DO NOT ASSUME IT IS OK TO MISS A FEW PERIODS DUE TO CLASHES – CONSULTATION WITH STAFF INVOLVED MUST TAKE PLACE.

The tutor, Mrs Johnston, is in school on Wednesdays – period 4 (room 17A); periods 5 and 6 (room 21).  You MUST attend these periods. The remaining Psychology periods are in the Study Hall until re-arranged by Mr Ferns.

National 4 – pupils go to study on Tuesday period 6
National 5 – pupils go to study on Tuesday period 1 and Thursday period 3

S4 and National 4 Maths
Monday period 1;  Tuesday period 3;  Wednesday period 4;  Friday period 5

S4 and National 4 English
Tuesday period 1;  Wednesday period 2;  Thursday period 3;  Friday period 4


4LS1 – Wednesday period 7;  Friday period 3
4LS2 – Monday period 6;  Friday period 3
4LS3 - Monday period 6;  Wednesday period 7
4LS4 - Wednesday period 7;  Friday period 3


S4 Lifeskills
4LS1 – Monday period 6;  room 14
4LS2 -  Wednesday period 7;  room 14
4LS3 -  Friday period 3;  room 30
4LS4 - Monday period 6;  room 30