Timetable Arrangements for 2018-19

  • The timetable for next session will start on Tuesday 5th June.

  • Pupils in new S2, new S3 and new S4 should have received their timetables. Please ask you register or Guidance teacher if you do not have it. If there is a problem with your timetable, see Mr Ferns or your Guidance teacher.

  • New S5 and S6 pupils can pick up their  timetables from their Guidance teacher.
    e-mail the school at Maureen.Cooper@highland.gov.uk with a working e-mail address & we will send your timetable out.


  • S6 pupils are encouraged to fill their timetable & can see their Guidance teacher should they wish to discuss adding further subjects.

  • Pupils following online/open learning courses should meet with Mr Ferns to discuss arrangements for these during Tuesday period 3 in room 14.

  • Blanks on timetables are study in the Hall or AH times still to be allocated.

  •  A double period has been identified (see below) for  each AH course. This will be added to, & pupils doing AH courses should see subject teachers AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to discuss availability.

    Provisional times for Advanced Higher double periods :

    Art & Design - 
    Fridays - periods 2 & 3; see Mrs Walker
    English - Thursdays - period 5 & 6; see Mrs Mackintosh
    History - Thursdays - periods 3 & 4; see Mr Cronin or Miss Stewart
    Maths - Wednesdays - periods 6 & 7; see Mr Ghee
    Music - Wednesdays - periods 2 & 3; see Mrs Gilliland
    Biology - Mondays - periods 5 & 6; see Mr Fraser or Mr Laidlaw
    Chemistry - Mondays - periods 2 & 3; see Mrs Ramsay or Mr Sutherland
    Physics - Tuesdays - periods 2 & 3; see Mr Forwood